Castoldi’s Jujitsu is aimed at making the martial arts work for everyone. Castoldi is known for his weapon disarming techniques. Starting with common mugging situations, students learn to defend from open hand muggers (muggers with no weapons) from in front and behind. Learning along the way, this system incorporates knife, club, gun, and multiple attackers from all situations.

Examples of real life situations you will be able to handle are: standing and moving attacks from the front as well as behind; attacks while you are sitting, lying on your back, or lying on your stomach.

We show you how to defend against any combination of weapons such as knife and gun, club and knife, baseball bats, chains, etc. You will also learn to defend against multiple attackers.

Also, it teaches to defend in a situation where you are with a friend or loved one and the weapon is facing them but they are asking for your money. The culmination of your training comes when we blindfold you. This enables the ability to show how well you have learned the system. you learn touch and control and are able to move seamlessly from move to move while your attacker is left helpless to stop you.

Professor Castoldi urges women to participate in the classes to learn to defend themselves against muggers, rape attacks, domestic violence, etc.

“If I miss one day of practice, I can feel a difference in my technique. If I miss two days, my students will notice. If I miss one week, even the public can tell.” – Shinan Antonio Pereira