1. Show respect toward the club and its equipment
  2. Address the instructor as Sensei while in the Dojo
  3. Respect the instructor, fellow classmates and guests at all times
  4. All students must use proper etiquette and vocabulary while in the studio
  5. All students must bow in and out of the Dojo
  6. All students must ask permission of instructor to leave the room
  7. Students must wear proper uniform to class
  8. Uniforms must be clean and free of tears and stains
  9. Please attend to all aspects of personal hygiene as personal cleanliness is essential
    • Fingernails and toenails must be kept short
    • Deodorant must be worn
    • Breath and body must be clean
    • Excessive make-up, perfume/cologne is not recommended
  10. No horseplay is permitted in the Dojo
  11. Bow to your instructor before and after demonstration of a technique
  12. When applying a joint lock or hold do so with slow and continuous pressure until your partner says break or taps out
  13. Make sure the mat is clear before throwing your partner
  14. Break early and often
  15. Be aggressive in your skills but not toward partners and do not compete
  16. Notify instructor immediately if you are injured or have pain other than the pain compliance
  17. All open cuts and infections must be covered prior to class
  18. Always watch out for each others safety
  19. Dues must be kept up to date at all times as a $10 late fee will apply
  20. Leaving class early without permission is unacceptable
  21. If you cannot come to class PLEASE CALL