Every student starts off at the same level: beginner. One of the best aspects of Castoldi’s system is that the belt system is in place, yet doesn’t hold much weight. For instance, if a yellow belt discovers a more efficient way of doing a move, the black belts will look at the move and determine the pros and cons of the move, and in turn you may be responsible for helping to design a new move. “It doesn’t matter what color belt you have on, it just holds up your pants” as Professor Castoldi likes to say.  

Every student learns fall breaking for their own protection. However, its not the typical roll around and get dizzy. The falls are designed to help in everyday situations such as slipping on ice, or tripping over your own two feet.  

One of the Professor’s main concerns is your safety. All students learn where to properly hold their hands and to quickly assess the situation before reacting. 

Most Common Front MugsMost Common Rear Mugs
1. Two Hand Choke
2. Double Shoulder Grab
3. Double Lapel Grab4. Double Wrist Grab
5. One Hand Lapel Grab with Punch (Bully Grab)
6. One Hand Choke with Punch
7. Cross Wrist Grab
8. Bear Hug (Inside & Outside)
9. Same Side Wrist Grab with Punch 
1. One Arm Neck Choke
2. Bear Hug (Inside & Outside)
3. Drag Back with Neck Choke and Wrist Grab4. Double Arm Neck Choke
5. Two Hand Shoulder Grab
6. Double Wrist Grab
7. Full Nelson
8. Hair Grab with Wrist Grab
9. Head Lock
10. Rear Hand Choke 

Although it seems like a lot, this is how a beginner gets a taste of the most common moves used in Jujitsu as well as how to transition from one move to the next. 

Also, one element to this system is weapons disarmament. Castoldi uses weapon defense in every class and all beginners learn to defend from knife and club.

Basic Knife from Front:Basic Knife from Behind:Basic Club:
1. Blade along side of throat
2. Blade across throat
3. Blade across wrist
4. Rambo style
5. Knife to stomach
1. Blade across back of neck
2. Blade across throat
3. Hostage (Point into belly)
4. Point into side
5. Point into back 
1. Club to top of head in downward motion
2. Club to side of face
3. Threatening with club
4. Spear into belly

This is the basic for every beginner because there is no telling when and where a person will get mugged. These mugs all use the same basic moves and show the transition from one move to the next. It allows even a beginner to be able to have basic self defense ideas when they walk out of class the first day. As training progresses students learn to shift from one move to the next seamlessly as well as defend from different styles of attacks. 

The system is designed for everyone ages 7 and up. After your first class you will walk away knowing something about how to defend yourself.